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Blue Economy of Lake Turkana

Lake Turkana is the largest lake in Kenya; it can greatly contribute to economic development of the arid region. There needs to be Capacity building efforts to improve fish production from the lake.

Lack of hygiene and sanitation facilities for Fish handling, poses health risks and post harvest losses. #BlueEconomyKe #BlueEconomyConference #BlueEconomy2018 #BlueEconomyInPictures

Deep frying is the only method of preservation of fish.

The bulk of what remains, post harvest is dried & transported under dusty conditions, resulting in a five-fold loss in market value. This exacerbates poverty among Lake Turkana fishers.

Collapse of the Norwegian fish-processing factory in the 80’s.

Rural Turkana

OILFIELD Movers Yard Construction

In 2017, OilField Movers ltd. won a contract by Tullow Oil to transport crude oil from Turkana to Mombasa for the early oil pilot scheme. They provide an array of services, Equipment handling, Equipment leasing, Logistical services support. The company has invested in the construction of a modern logistics hub at Maai Mahiu, right at the heart of their supply corridor.

A quick glance of the construction workforce paints a picture of a company with high health & safety standards, equal opportunity for both male & female.